Charleston Homes for Rent

If you are looking for Charleston homes for rent, then be sure you are prepared with a little knowledge first. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a messy battle with a nasty landlord later on.

And, you don’t want to end up in a house with many repair problems either. Before you actually find Charleston homes for rent, read these tips and learn what to look for:

Research Charleston homes for rent thoroughly.
Before you even consider renting a home, learn your market thoroughly. We have properties throughout Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and James Island. The great thing is that today you can do much of the research from home.

See how much square footage you can get for a certain price. Is a garage included? What area of the city is the home located in?

But, don’t just stay home the entire time. Instead, go out and tour several homes. Get to know the landlords or property management companies. Consider working with a realtor or leasing agent who has your best interests in mind, even if you have to pay a little more.

Examine the terms of the lease.
When looking for Charleston homes for rent, look over the lease terms carefully. Make sure the lease does not allow the leasing agency to raise the rent while you live in the property.

Make sure there are clear terms stating what happens if you want to move out before the lease ends. Can you find someone else to lease the property in the meantime? Make sure you’re only responsible for rent during the time the property is vacant.

Examine whether or not your lease makes provisions for pets, minor renovations, or running a home business.

Provisions that are typically illegal include excessive penalties for late rent and automatic forfeiture of your security deposit.

Find your location.
We have residential rental properties all over Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, and West Ashley. We have historic homes and college rentals. Find the type of rental in the location you want to be in. Have a realtor show you properties so you can ask questions.

If you have finally identified one of the many Charleston homes for rent as being one you want to live in, negotiate the lease and do an initial walk-through with the landlord and document any damage you note in writing, and be sure to take photographs.

Know what to do if you spot repairs needed.

Landlords are legally liable for ensuring their rental properties are “habitable.” Legally, this means your property should have heat, water, electricity, and sufficient weatherproofing. The premises must also be structurally sound and sanitary.

If you want cosmetic repairs, your landlord isn’t necessarily responsible. He is responsible, however, if you agree to this in writing in advance.

If it’s a serious repair falling into the “habitable” category, write to your landlord about the problem, keep a copy of the letter for yourself, and give him or her a fair amount of time to make the repairs.

Follow up if the repairs are not made. If the landlord does not follow through, your legal rights begin to kick in.

If you follow these tips when finding Charleston homes for rent in Charleston, James Island, and Mount Pleasant, you’ll have a smoother and more successful experience in the long run.