The primary purpose of Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM is to generate rental income and maintain properties for owners and investors who choice to take part in the rental markets. Our performance driven management services are designed to deliver all facets of professionally leasing rental property with noticeable results.

From the first comparative a market analysis / opening inspection, strategic personalized planning, active advertising campaigns, consistent showings, tenant screening, selections and approval, lease implementation , rent collection accounting recording, reporting and distribution, home condition monitoring, effective maintenance management, and comprehensive service through completion of a calculated exit strategy.

General Terms

The general terms of our management services are specifically designed to drive the realization of our commitments, and produce results to meet client needs, without expense. Southern Premier Property Management, LLC is not compensated unless we successfully deliver rental income.

Our services are provided free of charge and in the event that the premises is not rented or leased within sixty (60) days of the date of the management agreement, or remains vacant without being subject to a lease for any sixty (60) day period clients may terminate the rental agreement through simple notice.

When the property is rented through Southern Premier Property Management, LLC we will remain your property management company throughout the term of the lease.

Compensation Services

Our compensation for services rendered by Southern Premier Property Management, LLC is a management fee equal to ten (10%) percent of the monthly rent for properties we lease through our efforts, or a management fee of ten percent (10%) for leases signed through the client.

In addition there are no set-up signing or origination fees to sign a management agreement with us for signing new leases, no fees related to supervising or coordinating maintenance, no cost for our basic advertising service, and no minimum monthly fees to manage vacant properties.

Stratigic Planning

Strategic planning and setting a price is most accurately carried out through first hand experience with the local markets, recent rental history of the property, investigating other rental rates in the area, and through a comparative market analysis (CMA) using the multiple listing service (MLS.) Because all of these resources are subject to external influences such as false listings and market fluctuations between supply and demand it is advantageous to utilize all resources available to sent an initial price.

When an initial price has been set a cost benefit analysis is used to determine the benefits of either an increase or a decrease in rental rate versus the net benefit or loss from the resulting vacancy period. This information is then applied in a focused advertising campaign and allows for certain flexibilities necessary to capitalize on opportunities and minimize vacancy losses.


Either currently rented or vacant properties are both eligible for management our management services. In the case of vacant properties where Southern Premier Property Management, LLC leases the premises our compensation fee is ten percent (10%) of the collected monthly income.

If the property is currently under a valid lease we offer our management services at ten percent (10%) of the collected monthly rent. Transition of service from third party landlords or managers to Southern Premier Property Management, LLC is coordinated with all parties to provide clients and tenants a seamless transition in management. All requirements and terms in our conventional management would remain the same as in this case while several more piece of information would also be required.

To maintain professional ethics, in the case of termination of management through other property management companies, we require a copy of written notice of termination from the customer’s previous management agreement. A copy of the current lease with tenant contact information easily facilitates change over to new management as we will actively notify the tenants of changes to be made and will coordinate all future correspondence through Southern Premier Property Management, LLC as the new point of contact.

Location of security deposits and proper preparations necessary to meet the requirements for leases and management agreements are just as important as those made to address the physical condition and aesthetic appearance of a rental property in a competitive market. Insurance, tax records, HOA rules and Regs, Change of Address this covers the home owners from any unusual occurrences that may come about while tenants are leasing the property.

HOA rules and regulations must be furnished to tenants before they move in, so as to avoid any fines or violations that may occur. It is in the owner’s best interest to have a copy available for tenants.

Advertising process and showings

Southern Premier will take photos or use owner provided photos to market the property. Our marketing process is free of charge for owners that sign a management contract with us. It is highly effective and provides nationwide visibility of your rental property. Once we receive a management key to your property we use that key to show the property to potential tenants.

Advertising process and showings

Thorough screening of applicants for new tenancy is a procedure required by Southern Premier Property Management, LLC to be completed prior to any written or verbal agreements between the broker and applicant. This process provides for the accurate collection and verification of tenants information as it would appear on a lease as well as providing an early warning for and indication of an increased risk of potential breach of lease agreement.

Several factors are considered during screening such as eviction histories, credit scores, debt and public records, employment verification, history of previous addresses, and landlord references. Selection criteria and standards provided by the owner are always the determining factor in our decision. The screening process Southern Premier Property Management, LLC uses, as an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider, generally begins during or shortly after a successful property showing where the new prospective tenant decides to apply for tenancy where we begin to meet the needs of both the home owner and the tenants in accordance with the South Carolina Landlord Tenant Act.

Southern Premier Property Management, LLC is not a Credit Reporting Agency, rather we are provided an indication of an applicant’s credit history through a third party and independent contractor. All applicant information provided by applicants is kept confidential in accordance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


  1. Management Agreement
  • Owners responsibilities - The owner must honor any lease that is agreed upon by both parties, this includes the tenants, owners and Southern Premier as property managers. Tenants rights and point of contact- The tenants right are outlined in the lease, and this is made available to the owner if requested. Southern Premier serves as the point of contact between the tenants and the owners.
  • Funds - trust account- deposits – paying maintenance- All funds are moved through our non-interest bearing trust account. We keep a ledger for the trust account to avoid any conversion or commingling of funds. Once a tenants pays their rent it is placed into our trust account. When their funds are verified, the owners income is dispersed to the owner from the trust account. If there are any maintenance fees these expenses are paid for using rental income, but only after an owner authorizes the repairs.
  • At the end of a lease - The tenants should be moved out at the end of the lease, and the condition of the property should be in the same condition as when the tenants have moved out. Southern Premier will conduct an inspection of the property once the tenant has vacated the property. Based on our findings during the inspection we conduct any maintenance items that the tenant hasn’t corrected. We use the security deposit to make these repairs, and refund the tenant the difference.
  • Extension - If the tenant desires to extend the lease, then we accommodate that request and extend the lease. This in in the best interest of the owner and Southern Premier, because most damage to property is caused during move in/outs. It also is a large task to locate and screen new tenants, so we prefer re-signing new tenants to our current leases.
  • Month to month - In this situation, Southern Premier requires a written thirty day notice by the tenants if they intend to move out. This gives us notice to begin searching for new tenants. Sign new lease- If we sign a new lease with the current tenants then the terms of that lease are now honored by both parties. The home owner is made aware of any changes before any leases are signed and agreed to with the tenants.
  • Other – i.e. sell- If a sale of the home occurs the lease in place must be honored. This is South Carolina law and is also Southern Premier policy. In most cases a lease will not discourage the sale of a home. Some potential buyers or investors actually look for properties with leases in place because it is guaranteed income.
  • Where do we start? - Before taking the first steps towards choosing Southern Premier Property Management, LLC as your full service rental home solution provider, we encourage all new customers to please contact one of our property managers to discuss specific preferences and options available in our management agreement and how to best utilize our services as quickly as possible. Once a decision has been made to employ our services, we will send a signed copy of our management agreement to you through email, fax, or conventional means. Only basic information is needed to quickly send a management agreement to new customers for completion. Upon our receipt of a signed copy of a management agreement we will begin to take action as spelled out beflow.

What we need to start – Owner Preferences

Finding a tenant- Basically we advertise the property as if we were going to manage it. We show the property to prospective tenants, and screen them for the owner. Our fee for this service is 40% of the first months rent. Once the lease is in place we turn over management to the owner. Determining a price- The rental price is determined by a couple of methods. The first method that we use is a market analysis of comparable rental properties in the area of the home to be rented. The second method is using previous rental rates, but sometimes rent may fluctuate in certain areas or due to economic influences. We always work with the owner to get them the highest amount of rent possible, without having it sit vacant for long periods.


  • Physical prep- During Southern Premiers initial survey we note any repairs that may need to take place. These repairs are disclosed to the owner, and then taken care of by our handymen or contractors. Repairs usually can be deducted from rental funds or security deposits. Other items that top the list of requirements mandated by law are installation of 9 volt batteries in fire detectors. We will have that taken care of before tenants move into your property.
  • Insurance, tax records, hoa rules and regs change of address- We require home owner insurance for every property that we manage or locate tenants for. This covers the home owners from any unusual occurrences that may come about while tenants are leasing the property. Tax records are verified by us before we sign a management agreement with you. HOA rules and regulations must be furnished to tenants before they move in, so as to avoid any fines or violations that may occur. It is in the owner’s best interest to have a copy available for tenants. Advertising process and showings- Southern Premier will take photos or use owner provided photos to market the property. Our marketing process is free of charge for owners that sign a management contract with us. It is highly effective and provides nationwide visibility of your rental property. Once we receive a management key to your property we use that key to show the property to potential tenants.
  • Screening Applicants- This is a process that saves us as property managers much heartache throughout the term of the lease. The screening process is strictly confidential between the tenants and Southern Premier, and we review rental history, credit history, and current employment status. Several factors come into play as we screen tenants and we only approve tenants that meet our qualifications. We work to meet the needs of both the home owner and the tenants. Approval and Leasing- The approval of the tenant and the terms of the lease are entirely up to the owner. Southern Premier will negotiate the terms of the lease as per owners request.


Southern Premier Property Management, LLC also offers inexpensive and dependable services to home owners who require assistance with the logistics of home ownership. We provide straightforward solutions and professional reliability through our Home Monitoring Services. Whether spending time away from a primary residence or vacation home or for those who simply travel frequently, Southern Premier Property Management, LLC provides answers to uncertainties and problems home owners commonly face when leaving a property unoccupied.


Home Support Solutions Plans:

We offer home owners piece of mind through each of our three home observation plans designed to provide flexible levels of property supervision and support. Thorough inspection and reporting procedures, standard in each plan, ensure reliable and consistent property tracking and support. As with all services provided by Southern Premier Property Management, LLC, personalized monitoring and care and attention to detail come standard in each Home Monitoring plan.

  • Four inspections per month. . . $150 / month
  • Two inspections per month. . . $80 / month
  • One inspection per month. . . $45 / month


Southern Premier Property Management, LLC delivers standardized inspections to guarantee accurate monitoring and observation during each property survey. When an inspection is performed we will thoroughly examine for and check the following items:

  1. Home integrity and security at each point of entry.
  2. Plumbing failures.
  3. Storm damage. 
  4. Mail and news paper collection.
  5. Lawn maintenance condition. 
  6. Pool maintenance condition. 
  8. Pest infestation. 
  9. Tripped breakers.
  10. HOA violations.

In addition to our inspection process we also take the time to operate and adjust appliances and systems throughout the property to reduce the effects of remaining dormant over long periods of inactivity. Items Southern Premier Property Management, LLC actively operates during each appointment include:

  1. Operation of plumbing fixtures.
  2. Checking and resetting of lights and timers. 
  3. Checking alarm system status. 
  4. A/C and humidistat operation.
  5. Refrigerator operation.


Following each property inspection and visit we send owners confirmation through email, written notice, and / or a courtesy call if preferred. Each report details the property’s condition and provides an assessment of items requiring attention or correction. Reports also include information pertaining to owner specific fields such as information to be collected or items to attend to during inspections.


Southern Premier Property Management, LLC offers additional Home Support SolutionsSM to supplement our Home Monitoring and Reporting Services. These services are offered at an hourly rate of $25 an hour and are constantly provided free of charge to clients under fulltime management.

  1. Response to unscheduled tasks and emergencies as point of contact for authorities.
  2. Complete maintenance, repair, and renovation management through our network of contractors.
    1. General cleaning.
    2. Carpet cleaning.
    3. Landscaping
    4. HVAC repair.
    5. Carpentry.
    6. Painting and drywall.
    7. Flooring.
    8. Electrical installation / repair.
    9. Custom Services.
  3. Liaison for owner’s contractors.
  4. Scheduled meetings, pick-ups, and deliveries.
  5. Utilities change over.
  6. Property showings.
  7. Limited tenant management.


All material including any links to other sites and content found at linked sites is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties including warranties of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. Due to the nature of the Internet Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM does not warrant that access to CharlestonLease.com or any of its pages will be uninterrupted or error free. Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM does not warrant or make any representations regarding the usefulness of or the expected results of the content on CharlestonLease.com. Please ote that some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties so some of the above exclusions may not apply to you. Please check your local laws for any such restrictions.

Tips –

Some basic tips for all home owners with respect to security. Post emergency contact lists near each phone including police, sheriff, and fire departments.

  1. Consider professionally installed security systems with warrantee.
  2. Remotely managed security systems generally provide at the least, a minimum guarantee.
  3. Appoint someone can you trust to reliably monitor your home who knows your schedule and how to contact you in case of emergency.
  4. Install outdoor security lighting that will prevent major dark spots against the structure.
  5. Motion-activated lights are highly effective for large areas.
  6. Do not allow lawn growth to remain unattended for more than two weeks.
  7. If possible do not leave the driveway empty for long periods.
  8. Use timers to cycle lighting within the house.
  9. Arrange for new paper and mail forwarding, pick-up, or cancellation.
  10. Keep landscaping open and short enough to reduce potential hiding places and that does not cover windows.
  11. Consider thorny plants to discourage prowling.
  12. Outside entry doors should be metal, metal-clad or solid wood with internal, non-removable, hinges, and deadbolt locks.
  13. Doors with glass panes that can be easily broken should have locks that require keys from the inside as well as the outside.
  14. Install a lens peephole in all outside doors, not just the front entry.
  15. Use metal "Charlie bars" on sliding glass doors, plus pin locks that slide a steel peg through both the stationary and movable doors and windows.
  16. Use only reliable high quality locks and hardware and do not use them for anything other than their designed purpose.

Getting Started for Realtors – Why -

  • Referring Owners- Southern Premier does not require exclusivity in our leases. If a realtor refers us a property, Southern Premier does not require in our management contracts that we retain listing rights. We refer the home owners to the Realtor that originally referred us. Currently we work with two brokerages that use Southern Premier for leasing purposes.
  • Referring Tenants – commission- We pay realtors ,that locate and sign a tenant, our first months commission. Link to contact form Getting Started for Contractors Who we are looking for? Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM is always looking to add to our network of friends those who provide dependable and reliable service and assistance for their clients and ours. We are always looking for quality contractors to integrate into our network. If you are interested please contact us with the services that your company offers and all relevant licenses and certifications What we need to start: Business contact info and summary of services offered references Copy of applicable license and insurance
  • Click here to contact us.

Contact and questions

Our residential management agreement is a standardized form that has been provided through our membership in the South Carolina Association of Realtors. In accordance with South Carolina Law, Southern Premier Property Management, LLC may not advertise, market, or offer to conduct a real estate transaction involving real estate owned in whole or in part by another person without first obtaining a written listing agreement from the owner and when advertising or marketing in any medium.

Southern Premier Property Management, LLC begins each new client account with personalization and attention to detail in mind. Owners are encouraged to download and submit a “rental property profile” along with the management agreement.

Basic definitions:

  • Lease (Leasehold Estate) – A written or oral contract between a landlord (the lessor) and a tenant (the lessee) that transfers the right to exclusive possession and use of the landlords real property to the lessee for a specified period of time and for a stated consideration(rent). Leases must be written in order to be enforceable.
  • Lessor – Owner of the property.
  • Leasee – Tenant of the property.