Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM is based in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Our company was founded to provide homeowners, tenants, real estate professional, and contractors Premier real estate management rates without having to worry about hidden fees and other unnecessary costs.

Home Owners : Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM provides a means for homeowners that want to realize a higher return with their biggest asset or investors who do not have the time to oversee the many facets of providing quality housing. Whether leasing is a temporary solution or a long term commitment, owners and investors both demand the peace of mind that their real property is professionally maintained with an emphasis on personalized service and attention to detail. Professionally rent your home worry free, or even fill in for home owners with vacation homes during the off season or frequent travelers who want the piece of mind when you are away.

Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM offers home owners THREE complete and worry free, comprehensive advantages in the rental market. Please contact us for more information about our services.

Full Service Property Management

Where we do everything and the owner sits back and receives operating income. We will;

  1. prepare a personalized management plan and market analysis
  2. aggressive online advertising campaign
  3. property showings
  4. comprehensive screening and selection
  5. detail inspection reports
  6. systematic rent collection, invoicing and billing
  7. rental income distribution options
  8. cost effective licensed and insured maintenance
  9. management plans tailored to meet your needs

    This service is provided for:

  1. 10% for new leases
  2. 10% for home currently under lease
  3. No signing fees
  4. No leasing fees
  5. No basic advertising fees
  6. No maintenance fees

Tenant Location / Leasing Agency Services

Tenant Location Services we provide complete leasing agent services.

We provide assistance for home owners who want to feel comfortable with managing their homes on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis that require the professional guidance and assistance with:

  1. market analysis and strategic planning
  2. aggressive advertising - showings
  3. tenant screening and selection
  4. lease agreement preparation – negotiations
  5. initial move-in / change over utilities etc

    This service is provided for:

  1. 40% of the first months rent basically a leasing fee
  2. no signing fees
  3. no vacancy fees
  4. no basic advertising fees

Call – about our vacation home management services.

Home Support SolutionsSM
Southern Premier Property Management, LLC offers professional Home Support Solutions to homeowners living outside of Charleston/Berkeley Counties.

Tenants : Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM offers a wide selection of quality housing options throughout the Charleston area. Enjoy the piece of mind and comfort you demand because your residence is your choice. Please view our featured properties and contact us to schedule a showing.

Realtors : Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM offers local and out of state Realtors many networking opportunities and solutions. For Realtors who want to provide options and solutions to their principals in a competitive market, Southern PremierSM caters to the many needs of the Real Estate Professional. Please contact us to join our growing network.

Contractors who strive to put quality first and foremost in the services they provide with a commitment to excellence and efficient performance, Southern Premier Property Management, LLCSM is always looking to add to our network of friends those who provide dependable and reliable service and assistance for their clients and ours. We are always looking for quality contractors to integrate into our network. If you are interested please contact us with the services that your company offers and all relevant licenses and certifications.